RURA in Partnership with Japanese Private Sector to Eradicate Lightning Strikes in Rwanda

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority #RURA has today launched partnership with OTOWA Electric Co., Ltd, the Japanese manufacturer specializing in lightning protection related products.

OTOWA's technology will protect key ICT infrastructures from damages caused by lightning strikes.
The main objectives of this partnership:
- Disseminate information and knowledge of lightning protection technology in both public and private sectors in Rwanda
- Install OTOWA’s lightning protection technology products on RURA’s target sites, to verify their effectiveness in Rwanda
- Contribute to improving policies, regulations and standards of lightning protection in Rwanda by sharing the verification result at the target sites with RURA and other stakeholders
- Establish the system of installation, operation and maintenance of OTOWA’s lightning protection solution in each target site and transfer necessary skills to the key staffs/ personnel in Rwanda.

Here are pictures for the event; and here is the press release for the partnership