Waterways Transport

  1. Waterways Transport

a. Overview

The Waterways transport sub-sector is one of the oldest economically and environmentally sustainable modes of transportation and in some areas the only means of mobility and access to basic services. It covers the inland waterways transport of goods and the inland waterways transport of persons. The sub sector encompasses vessels ranging from simple non-motorized boats to highly automated pushers, operating on waterways ranging from small tributaries to major rivers and lakes.

Several consultative and sensitization meetings in Waterways transport sub sector were conducted with stakeholders like Marine, Police, local Government authorities and waterways transport operators. The purpose of these meetings was for sensitization of waterways transport operator on working in cooperatives, safety and boat worthiness. 

The waterways transport is increasing in terms of regulation compliance, safety and quality of services. It is economically indispensable for it helps people travel at low cost and environmentally safe.

b. RURA Role

RURA in Waterways Transport is responsible for setting regulations and ensuring fair competition among waterways transport operators; ensuring that waterways transport services are extended to all consumers where possible and finally to make sure that the provided levels of service of the waterways transportation services conforms to the required norms.