sanitation sub-Sector

RURA mandate in the sanitation sub-sector is to promote sanitation through regulation of sanitation services.

ii.1. Responsibility

The responsibility of the sanitation regulation is to establish regulatory tools necessary for the sound regulation of sanitation services in Rwanda, licensing sanitation service provision, monitor compliance by licensees with license terms and conditions through audits and inspections conducted to sanitation service providers and analyze reports from sanitation service providers.

ii.2. Current Situation

Currently, The Rwanda utilities Regulatory Authority regulates three main sanitation services:

  • Solid waste collection and transportation services:
    These are services provided to households and institutions as well as public areas such as markets, hospitals, etc. Operators in this domain are composed of companies, cooperatives and individuals providing solid waste collection and transportation services. See the list of licensed operators.
  • Wastewater treatment services:
    These are services provided in regards to wastewater treatment services. The regulation targets mainly decentralized wastewater installers and operators providing services of decentralized wastewater treatment plants installations and operations.
  • Cleaning services:
    These are services related to general cleaning of buildings, gardens and public places.

ii.3. Legal and Regulatory framework

The following are tools that help the regulation of sanitation:

ii.4. Current licensed operators in Sanitation tSub-Sector

iii. Useful Links  for the  Water and sanitation stakeholders in Rwanda
The following are links related to water and sanitation: