Ionizing radiation has a wide range of applications in everyday life and had been playing a very significant role in various sectors in Rwanda over many decades.

Ionizing radiation applications are now wide in medical, industry, security and infrastructure construction.

Radiation protection sector in Rwanda started with the promulgation of the Law No. 59/2017 of 24/01/2018 Governing Radiation Protection in Rwanda.

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) was then given the mandate to regulate Radiation Protection with prime responsibility of regulating and controlling the safe and peaceful activities involving ionizing radiation in Rwanda, the promotion of the protection of people, property and the environment against any adverse effect of ionizing radiation.

Radiation Protection of people and biodiversity goes along with nuclear security and physical protection of radioactive material. 

The achievement and maintenance of a high level of protection, safety and security in the use of ionizing radiation depend on legal and regulatory frameworks with well-defined responsibilities and functions.

The mission of RURA about radiation protection sector is to promote activities of the peaceful use of ionizing radiations. These activities range from production, possession, use, import, export, transportation, transfer, handling and management, or other related activities or practices to the dispose of radioactive waste.

This will be achieved by promoting fairness, integrity, professionalism, and availability of affordable and quality services to all.

Working with other private and governmental institutions (Police, customs, MOH, MINEMA, MOE, REMA, RSB, RMB...) as well as international agencies.

The effectiveness of radiation protection sector will bring about many more activities that were not available previously such as introducing research reactors, radiation consultancies, and nuclear installations, for sustainable development.

Currently, the RURA provides various regulatory services for nuclear and radiation safety and security including authorization and licensing, inspections, radiation monitoring (Environmental), accreditation, radiation source registration among others.