Guidelines For Annual Report For cleaning service Provision Eng & Kiny
Annual Reporting Format for Solid Waste Collection and Transportation Application Form
Quarterly Declaration form Eng Kiny
Application form for water supply infrastructure management licenseEnglish and Kinyarwanda
Application form for License application-Water supplyApplication form

Application form for license of installation of decentralized wastewater treatment system

· Application form

Application for registration of decentralized waste water treatment system owners

· Application form

- License for Solid waste collector/transporter

- Application form for Solid waste collection and Transportation/Renewal

· Application form

. Application Form/Renewal

License for Liquid waste disposal and treatment

· Application form

-Application form for cleaning services license
- Application Form for cleaning Services License/Renewal

·English form&Kiny. Form

.Application Form/Renewal

Application Form for liquid waste collection and Transportation

·English Form & Kiny. Form

Application Form for Harzadous Waste Managment

· Application form

Application Form for License in Solid Waste Recycling English formKiny. Form