In anticipation to ICT bill enactment, Media law and reviewed RURA Law, RURA is shaped to be well positioned to contribute to effectively respond to the country’s all regulatory matters regarding media and postal services.
It is in that regards this unit was created to deal with postal affairs, media enterprise licensing and accreditation, new media regulation as well as issues related to internet resources management in the country (Domain names, Rwanda Internet Exchange Point and IP numbers).

Media regulation

In Broadcasting media regulation, the Regulator will have the following responsibilities:

  • To protect the public against misleading information;
  • To protect children and the youth against inappropriate  information or  program contents;
  • To protect and promote the national culture  by encouraging local contents;
  • To control media advertisement;
  • To avoid monopoly in broadcasting media;
  • To ensure respect of the privacy in broadcasting media.


New Media  and Internet governance affairs

Planned activities:

  • Develop regulatory framework for internet resources management
  • Carry out research on  internet resources management ,internet governance, internet multimedia  and new media
  • Prepare regulatory framework for internet multimedia broadcasting and new media
  • Monitor  and evaluate the performance by the registry and registrars of the domain names  and IXPs managers
  • Monitor the   compliance by the Internet Content Services Providers
  • Develop  and review regulations governing the internet exchange points operations and management
  • Make recommendations to the policy makers on the management of internet resources , multimedia and new media


 Postal and courier affairs.

 In postal sector regulation, the Regulator will have to ensure general improvement and equitable distribution of the postal and courier services; promote transparency, ensure fair competition and  quality of service as well as protect user’s rights.

Planned activities:

  • Set up the requirements for issuing a license to a new postal and courier service providers
  • In collaboration with other departments,Enforce  standards, guidelines and other regulations for postal sector;
  • Ensure fair competition among postal  and courier service providers
  • Providing advice to the Authority on postal matters
  • Take part in registration and licensing of postal service providers ;
  • Monitoring and inspection of Quality of service in postal service providing ;


Mr. Nsengimana Jean Philbert, Minister of Youth and ICT, Rwanda at I ITU TELECOM WORLD 2013 (BANKOK)

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