Universal access refers to the ability of all people to have equal opportunity and access to a service or product from which they can benefit. It is tied strongly to the concept of human rights. This objective cuts accross all sectors i.e. Water, Transport, Energy and ICT.

The first phase of the program has been to design a Universal access policy supporting telecommunications infrastructure towards remote and underserved areas. Universal service is now normally phrased as a requirement of the telecommunications service provider to meet criteria in the following three areas: Availability, Accessibility and Affordability (ITU 1998).

The Government through the Law No 44/2001 of 30th November 2001 governing Telecommunications established the UA fund to accelerate the use of ICT in the Country. The functioning and the source of funding of Universal Access Fund are determined by the Presidential Order No 05/01 of 15/03/2004.    

In addition, the Law N°21/2011 of 23/06/2011 governing electricity in Rwanda provides that there shall be a Universal Access fund of which the main purpose is to optimize access to electricity in all areas of the country through cost effective means and minimized support. The same Law stipulates that a Presidential order shall determine the functioning of the Universal Access Fund for electricity.

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Public Transport awards to best performers 

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority awarded on 22nd September 2015, the best performers in public transport.(Click to view Pictures)

Best operator in city of Kigali public transport: City Center Transport Cooperative(View picture)

Best Operator for Taxicab Service: Cooperative des taxi men voiture de Nyabugogo( Cotavonya)(View picture)

Best operator for inter-city Public Transport : OMEGA S.A.R.L(View picture)

Electromagnetic Fields Radiation

Public Notice: General public safety on electromagnetic fields radiation

EMF Measurements Results

Fm stations operating in Rwanda

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