Law Nº 60/2018 OF 22/8/2018 on Prevention and Punishment of Cyber crimes Download
Media Law Download
Law establishing Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) and determining its mission, powers, organisation and functioning Download
Law N°24/2016 of 18/06/2016 governing Information and Communication Technologies Download


Additional and specific types of agreements, decisions, practices and codes of conduct considered to be anti-competitive or an abuse of a dominant position Download
Ministerial order on annual fees payable by public utilities Download
Ministerial order on conditions to be incorporated into telecommunications and radio communications licenses Download
Ministerial order specifying the content of the regulatory board's register of telecommunications activities Download
Requests for installation of telecommunications facilities and terminal equipment on public and private property Download
Ministerial order on the general conditions and pricing principles to be respected in interconnection agreements Download
Ministerial order on telecommunications networks and services not requiring a telecommunications license Download
Ministerial order on instructions for the publication in the official gazette of modifications made to telecommunications licenses Download
Presidential order on determining the functioning of the universal access fund and public operations contributions Download
Presidential order determining specific duties of the regulatory board in telecommunications matters Download