Guidelines For Annual Report For cleaning service Provision Eng & Kiny
Quarterly Declaration form  Eng Kiny
Application form for water supply infrastructure management license English and Kinyarwanda
Application form for License application-Water supply Application form

Application form for license of installation of decentralized wastewater treatment system

· Application form

Application for registration of decentralized waste water treatment system owners

· Application form

- License for Solid waste collector/transporter

- Application form for Solid waste collection and Transportation/Renewal

· Application form

. Application Form/Renewal

License for Waste disposal site management (landfill)

· Application form

License for Liquid waste disposal and treatment

· Application form

-Application form for cleaning services license
- Application Form for cleaning Services License/Renewal

·English form&Kiny. Form

.Application Form/Renewal

Application Form for liquid waste collection and Transportation

·English Form & Kiny. Form

Application Form for Harzadous Waste Managment

· Application form

Application Form for License in Solid Waste Recycling English formKiny. Form