Internet Governance

As per Tunis Agenda for the Information Society, “Internet governance is the development and application by governments, the private sector and civil society, in their respective roles, of shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programmes that shape the evolution and use of the internet”. The purpose of the Internet Governance  is to maximize the opportunity for open and inclusive dialogue and the exchange of ideas on Internet governance (IG) related issues; create opportunities to share best practices and experiences; identify emerging issues and bring them to the attention of the relevant bodies and the general public and  contribute to capacity building for Internet governance.

The office in charge of Internet Governance at RURA develops appropriate mechanisms for the management and administration of .rw country code top level domain (.rw ccTLD) and registration of domain names; assesses and analyses  the Internet development issues and develop and ensure appropriate policies,  regulations, guidelines, processes & procedures to foster the sustainability, robustness, stability, scalability, resilience, availability, affordability, accessibility  and development of the Internet. It also handles and resolves all issues related to Domain Name System (DNS) and Internet   Protocol (IP) addresses based on ITU, ICANN and other regional organizations’ recommendations. 

The office provides  technical  expertise  needed  to  ensure  smooth  transition  from    current  Internet resources, IPv4 to  IPv6 and develops appropriate mechanisms for the management of Rwanda Exchange Points.

The office consults with stakeholders on Internet Governance related issues, facilitate the exchange of information and best practices, proposing ways and means to accelerate the availability and affordability of the Internet, and make appropriate recommendations through Rwanda IGF, and International IGF including East Africa IGF, Africa IGF and World IGF. 

The office considers appropriate implementation of the global new generic top level (gTLD) domains development and protection of Rwanda reserved name list (RNL). The office represents the institution in national, regional and international fora and conferences related to the Internet resources management and International Internet related policies including AFRINIC, ICANN, and ITU.