ICT Standards, Quality of Service and Postal Affairs

With the revolutionary changes that ICTs are bringing to our global society, institutions worldwide continue to develop more sophisticated ways to digitize its routines and practices so that they can offer to the public access  their  services in more effective and efficient ways. The unit deals with ICT standards and Quality of Service to oversee the regulatory aspects of the ICT infrastructure roll-out and operations by telecommunications operators. In postal sector regulation, the Regulator have to ensure general improvement and equitable distribution of the postal and courier services; promote transparency, ensure fair competition and quality of service as well as protect user’s rights.

 The key responsibilities of ICT Standards and Quality of Service are:  

  • Formulation of ICT infrastructure development guidelines 
  • Telecommunications standards review and type approval of terminal equipments 
  • Computing and internet applications 
  • Insurance  of  compliance  to  standards  by  Media  Transports  (FOC, cables, microwave), Broadcasting Standards (Radio, TV) and Wireless  Broadband Standards and quality of service
  • E-waste Management
  • Cyber security
ICT Standards and Quality of Service