Innovation Fund

The Government of Rwanda (GoR) decided to promote and implement the concept of Universal Access (UA) in ICT sector as per the Presidential Order No 05/01 of 13/03/2004, which determines the functioning of the Universal Access Fund (UAF) and public operators contribution. The fund is financed by contributions from licensed operators who contribute 2% of their annual turnover. The Regulatory Board has the mandate to manage this fund in a way that favours the spread and take-up of ICTs in designated remote and underserved areas of the country. Projects under Universal Access complement and integrate the overall NICI policy framework for Rwanda.

As some projects require very important investments, the Government of Rwanda (GoR) has also contributed towards making accessible the broadband connectivity in rural areas by subsidizing the layout of fibre optic backbone networks up to districts level. 2500 Km of fibre have been installed by RDB as NICI II implementation programme and the network is operational since end of 2010, providing broadband connectivity to institutions in remote and underserved areas.