Information Application

The introduction of iPhone in 2007, and the initial distribution of Android the same year, marked the birth of App Economy. Rwanda aspires to become a knowledge based and information rich society by the year 2020, and the infrastructure development made so far attests to the political resolve and will. While thriving in the app economy, a number of challenges have been recorded in Rwanda, Africa and globally and one would wonder if the app economy should not be regulated!

The advent of apps economy marked tremendous development in job and wealth creation globally and Rwanda like some other African countries decided to enable the market for apps developers and players. By creating a conducive environment, it was revealed that cooperation matters between different players and developers if every player is to benefit from the market share. It is therefore paramount to have light-touch regulations in place to help different players and developers not only make profit but also address common challenges in the society without prejudicing the end users.

The department of innovation and cybersecurity strives; under the guise of Smart Rwanda Master Plan implementation; to insure that following policy principles are adhered to across all sectors:

• Access to applications should be granted on cloud first approach,

• Applications designed to be accessed on Mobile by default,

• Application development effort should adhere to Infrastructure sharing and open data principles as stipulated in regulations and guidelines

• Systems and applications should be designed with highest security standards and as stipulated in the regulations and guidelines.

• Applications and systems developed should be able to embrace future trends and emerging technologies