Big Data

Rwanda considers data as a critical resource and a precious asset , hence a strong regulatory framework play a key role to promote data industry. Big Data analytics is mainly defined as integrate structured and unstructured data with real-time feeds and queries, opening new paths to innovation and insight.

Big Data is creating significant new opportunities for organizations to derive new value and create competitive advantage from their most valuable asset which is information. For businesses, Big Data helps drive efficiency, quality, and personalized products and services, producing improved levels of customer satisfaction and profit. For scientific efforts, Big Data analytics enable new avenues of investigation with potentially richer results and deeper insights than previously available. Big Data can also enhance effectiveness and innovation for the public sector. For RURA as a multiple regulator in addition to the mentioned benefit, leveraging technology and analytics can make for a unique moment in regulation, that lets regulators see things they couldn’t have seen or understood as well before. The regulator play an important role for supporting innovation and prosperity that big data can drive by maintaining consumer trust and data protection.

RURA as a regulator, ensure also personal data protection guidelines which help to create a stable environment in which companies and other organizations can operate. In order to encourage innovation through big data, companies and organizations need a high level regulatory principles.