To make sure that the government of Rwanda is providing a faster, secure and better service to its citizens through Rwanda ICT Master plan, there is a need to fully embrace online services, better protection of private information, more collaboration between different Governmental Institutions and change in the public sector culture.

It is in this scope that the Department of Innovation and Cybersecurity, with the help of the newly enacted ICT law, is making sure that a conducive environment and all the necessary requirements are being put in place for different ICT sectors such as Emerging Technologies, Big Data, FinTech, Internet of Things or other sectors such as E-Agriculture, E-commerce and Internet Governance. Furthermore as more disruptive applications are being introduced in the global world economy, there is a need to not only create a conducive environment for these applications, but also to define boundaries within which these applications must operate.

RURA Universal Access Fund under the department of Innovation and Cybersecurity had been created to motivate innovation and enhance ICT access to all Rwandans. In addition, one of the aims of the Universal Access Fund is to ensure that the lowest ICT maturity level observed in areas such as Cloud Data Centers, Cybersecurity, ICT ecosystem, etc. is increased through encouragement of innovation among ICT young innovators and investors.

Finally as more applications are being introduced in the market, therefore impacting the whole life of many Rwandans, there is a need to make sure that these applications are securely running on the market without causing major damages in the existing business environment and ICT ecosystem. Hence, the Department of Innovation and Cyber-Security is also in charge of the Public Key Infrastructure or PKI, an infrastructure whose major goal is to avail means of securing reliable applications to Rwandans. Last but not least, the Department of Innovation and Cybersecurity is in charge of developing strategies and appropriate regulatory instruments and tools to ensure Operator’s networks are secure, stable and reliable; Overseeing and developing strategies and appropriate regulatory framework to promote PKI services in Rwanda.