Consumer Awareness and Educations

Mission of RURA in regard to Consumer Protection

To ensure fair competition;

Promote and protect consumer interests and rights in all regulated sectors;

To ensure compliance by public utilities with the provisions of laws and regulations governing the sectors in an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory manner;

To promote the availability ,accessibility and affordability of regulated services to all consumers including low income, rural and disadvantaged consumers

To promote and enhance general knowledge, sensitization and awareness of the regulated sectors



Consumer Protection Policy(2010)

Law No 09/2013 of 01/03/2013 establishing RURA and determining its mission, powers, organization and functioning

Law No 36/2013 of 21/09/2012 relating to competition and consumer protection,

Sector Laws 

e.g.: Law 21/2011 of 23/06/2011 Governing Electricity in Rwanda(Art 44&45) 


Guidelines on consumer protection and complaints handling

Contracts, Board decisions


Main responsibilities Consumer Affairs Unit


-Intervene, act and use the regulatory powers conferred under the RURA law, sector laws and other regulatory instruments to influence the quality of services, in the interest of the consumers in all regulated sectors (ICT, Transport, Energy, Water and Sanitation) 

-Prepare and execute programs to enhance consumer awareness to the public as a way of empowering consumers of regulated sectors; 

Promote among service providers best practice in the delivery of quality of service and value for money and an appreciation of the contribution satisfied consumers make to the growth and the development of business;

Consult sector departments in responding to enquiries on general consumer issues; 

Handle and resolve consumers’ complaints and disputes; 

Propose to the competent organs the plan of strong consumer protection policy in regulated utilities; 

Serve as a focal point between MINICON, Consumer Associations and the Authority with respect to consumer awareness and as a link with the Regulatory Authority; 

Follow up on matters of consumer concern raised through various media and update the Authority accordingly; 

Carry out products and services tests to ascertain quality and availability of services provided by service providers; 

Co-ordinate with the competent Ministry on competition issues directly affecting consumers; 

Regularly examine and test consumer systems of operators to ensure accessibility;

Enforces laws, license conditions; Regulations; guidelines, contract conditions related consumer protection;

Carries out periodic inspections of operators;

Coordinate research projects related consumer empowerment and consumer protection;

Prepare the strategic and actions plans for the consumer affairs Unit;

Carry out review of consumer protection regulations, rules, guidelines and consumer complaints procedures;

Use the universal service obligation as a consumer protection measure;

Organize consumer forums;

Propose board decisions related to consumer issues;

Coordinate all activities in the consumer Unit;

Consumer Awareness and Education Programs