RURA conducts public awareness campaign on telecom fraud


25 October 2018: Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) in collaboration with other stakeholders jointly launched a campaign to increase public awareness in response to crimes related to mobile security and telecom fraud in Rwanda.

 The regulatory authority has teamed up with Mobile network operators, security agencies and local administration as well as consumer associations to sensitize telecom e agents on various types of mobile fraud, the associated punishments and preventive measures that can be taken to protect themselves and consumers at large.

Launched this Thursday 25 October 2018 in the city of Kigali, the event aims also is to engage all citizens in anti-fraud activities, increase and maintain quality of service in telecommunications sector.

More than 1000 telecom agents across the city of Kigali attended this awareness campaign.

Telecom agents' daily work and responsibilities include facilitating clients for   directly airtime transaction, mobile money transaction, sim card registration and sim swap among other services that they are entitled to offer.   

''We decided to come and speak to you because we have noted that there are people misusing these services and deceiving consumers by installing illegal telecommunication networks which result into losing revenues on both consumers and operators sides'' said James Musinguzi, the Director of Technology Development and Services at RURA.

According to officials from RURA, there has been an increase of people belonging to criminal groups that have been misleading consumers and trick them to receive the international call from unknown sources.

RURA advised telecom mobile agents Telecom agents to take precautions and follow regulation governing sim card registration to avoid consequences of being implicated in fraudsters crimes and other potential harms.

It was also a great opportunity for mobile telecom operators, local administration and security agents to brief telecom agents on the currently adopted law on Prevention and Punishment of Cybercrimes, how to early report such kind of crimes as well as penalties for failure to comply with laws, rules and regulations in place.

Here you can get Pictures for the event