ICT Sector

In the last few years, Information and Communication Technologies were used more and more extensively for the social and economic development. Considering the revolutionary changes that ICTs are bringing to our global society, institutions worldwide continue to develop more sophisticated ways to digitize their operations and processes so that they can offer to the public access to their services in more effective and efficient ways.

Enhancement in the use of ICT requires proper regulatory framework to create an environment that promotes public confidence and ensure stability, transparency, competition, investment, innovation, and growth in the ICT sector. In addition to the classic mandate of regulating ICTs, the Government of Rwanda broadened the mandate of RURA by reviewing the media sector and assigning to RURA the mandate of taking overall media regulation.

RURA’s mandate, among other things, within the ICT sector is to license, monitor and enforce license obligations, manage scarce resources, advise policy makers on ICT, postal and media related issues and represent Rwanda in international organizations on issues pertaining to ICT.

The Rwandan market in telecommunications is composed by three main telecom operators, six Internet Service Providers (ISPs), one Wholesale Network Service provider, two Network facility providers and fourteen Retailers Internet Service Providers. As a result of a conducive Legal and Regulatory Framework in place, the ICT sector continues to experience a significant growth.