PRESS RELEASE: New Tariffs for Public Transport



Today the 29th March 2018, the Regulatory Authority announces new public transport tariffs which will be effective on Monday 2nd April 2018. The tariffs have been reviewed as follows:

Intercity public transport: the tariff is adjusted from 19 to 21 Rwf per Km per Passenger.

City of Kigali public transport: the tariff is adjusted from 20 to 22 Rwf per Km per Passenger.

The overall average increment of the existing public transport tariffs to the new ones is 5% and 7% for the City of Kigali public transport and the Intercity public transport respectively.

The tariff setting process is a normal regulatory exercise. The last tariff review was in November 2015 and it was agreed that the set tariffs shall be reviewed after two years or if the fuel pump price exceeds 959Frw or goes below 817Frw.

The tariff review process was initiated in November 2017 two years after the previous tariff setting in November 2015, and thereafter the fuel pump price exceeded the set threshold of 959 Frw.

The objective of setting public transport tariff is to ensure that public transport is priced fairly and all costs related to providing sustainable public transport services are reasonably recovered through the set tariff.

The current tariff review takes into consideration various changes which have happened since 2015, such as:  fuel price increase, speed governor, automated fare collection system,  E-ticketing and insurance premium increase. Some of these changes are aimed at providing quality, reliable and safer public transport services to the passengers in line with the Rwanda Government vision.

In tariff setting, the Regulatory Authority carefully considers the balancing of the interests of all public transport beneficiaries as far as quality, sustainability and affordability of services.

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