Statistics and Tariff Information in Telecom, Media and Postal Service as of the Third Quarter


This report covers the period from July to September 2017, and it gives the annual trends of some indicators. It includes information on mobile telephone, fixed telephone, internet, tariffs (voice and data), traffic, revenues, investment and employment in telecommunication sector, licensed operators in postal and Media sector. 

In the period under review, mobile telephone subscriptions increased from 8,368,432 recorded in the second quarter of 2017 to 8,592,544 recorded in the third quarter 2017, this portrays a 2.68% increase.  

Mobile telephone penetration rate increased by 1.5% from 73% recorded in the second quarter of 2017 to 74.5% % that was recorded at the end of the third quarter 2017.

Fixed telephone subscriptions in this quarter increased by 44.9% from 6,960 recorded in the second quarter 2017 to 12,645 in this quarter under review.

On net traffic to rose by 15.10% from 3,087,652,628 recorded in the second quarter 2017 to 3,553,784,787 recorded in the third quarter. This increase is attribute to various promotions that are offered by operators to their subscribers.  

The international incoming traffic also rose by 24% compared to the last quarter where 43,921,567 minutes of calls were recorded and 54,463,949 was recorded in this quarter 2017. However, this quarter also remarked a decrease in off net voice traffic by 19.65% down from 47,039,303 to 37,795,120, and the international outgoing mobile traffic fell from 26,744,505 to 24,915,079.

Roaming out in this report refers to signify traffic originated and terminated by subscribers of national networks as users of foreign networks abroad. Roaming traffic refers to minutes of calls originated and terminated by foreign subscribers as users of local network. 

The trend of roaming in and out subscribers and traffic is not systematic as it depends on the number roamers in the country and roamers outside.  

This quarter recorded an increase in the number of roamers out by 9.56% from 305,395 as of Quarter 2 to 334,587 to quarter 3. Roamers in decreased by 35% from 426,933 as of quarter 2 to 266,718 in this quarter 2017. Roamers out voice traffic increased in 3.59% from 3,477,422 to 4,645,414 and roamers in traffic increased by 33.35% from 5,198,2018 to 6,931,863. 

Mobile money services have continued to be used by many where in this quarter we recorded 9,536,343 up from 9,203,399 subscribers that was recorded as of the end of June 2017.  This increase was followed by the increase in mobile money number of transactions that increased from 67 millions in the second quarter to 80 million, these transactions value increased from 520 million Rwandan Francs to 628 million Rwandan francs. 

In this quarter that we are reviewing, in broadcasting we recorded 4 new licenses one for offering Free to Air channels that increased the number of licensed operators from 14 to 15 and three radio FM stations that increased the number from 31 to 34 operators.  The number of Online and Print Media remained unchanged of 50 Online Media and 80 Print Media. 

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Statistics and Tariff Information in Telecom, Media and Postal Service as of the Third Quarter