African regulatory bodies urged to be creative, innovative and embrace technology


African utilities regulators were urged to improve their ways of regulating and embrace technology in order to be certain that they are delivering good services, stay on top of the utility operators while also  protecting consumers and spurring utility companies’ growth.

The call was made this Tuesday, 21 November 2017, during the official opening of the 14th annual general conference of the African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR), which themed regulatory actions for accelerating sustainable utility services in Africa.

Attending the five days conference are regulator members of the forum, utility bodies, consumer councils and other stakeholders in the areas of ICT, energy, transport, water and sanitation.

"Regulatory actions, first and foremost, should aim at ensuring that utility services are available, affordable and sustainable; and abide by high quality service banners". James Musoni Minister for Infrastructure tells conference participants during his opening speech. 

Minister Musoni also recommended African regulators to take advantages of various technologies so as to be at the position of driving African development, while preserving a favorable environment and protecting the future generations.

RURA Director Genera, Maj. Patrick Nyirishema urged present regulators to be smart in regulating; to shift from the traditional way of doing thing and take advantages brought by technologies while being creative and innovative.

"We need to shift and start putting in place dynamic ways of dealing with regulatory matters." Maj. Nyishema indicated.

According to the AFUR Executive Secretary, Debbie Roets, the conference gives the chance for various stakeholders to present papers detailing challenges hindering African utilities’ development and come up with projects that falling into regulated sectors and consumer protection.

African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR) currently counts 33 member regulatory bodies and 26 countries.

AFUR was formed in 2002 to focus on issues related to the regulation of energy, telecommunications, and transport, water and sanitation industries, with a particular emphasis on issues that are common across sectors.

RURA which is the host of this 14th annual general conference joined the forum in 2016.

The conference that started on this Monday, 20th November by a meeting for technical committee will end this Friday with AFUR annual genera l assembly.

You also get here the pictures for the conference