RURA meet online media practitioners to discuss licensing compliance.


Rwanda utilities Regulatory utilities (RURA) in partnership with an independent self-regulatory body, Rwanda Media Commission (RMC), conducted a one-day workshop on Media regulation and issues pertained to media development in Rwanda.

The meeting took place on Monday, 30 October 2017 revolved around media code of ethics, operational legal framework, sustainability, professionalism, technological adaptation, and quality content production.

The Head of Media Regulation and Consumer Affairs and RURA spokesperson, Mr. Anthony Kulamba, hailed the contribution of print and online Media into national development from facilitating the public to have access to accurate information, and encouraged the unlicensed online media owners to ensured they are legally registered for recognition. 

“Online media has advanced the media industry of our modern era. What you are delivering is reaching a wide audience worldwide via various electronic tools like smart phones.” said Mr. Anthony Kulamba while addressing the participants

He added that online media practitioners are doing tremendous job in availing information to the public which was not the case before the emergence of online media and promised them the continued partnership with all the media stakeholders, in handling various issues hindering media development in Rwanda.

Mr. Emmanuel Mugisha, the RMC Executive Secretary, advised print and online media organs to review their media business performance strategy after it was noted that some of them have been dormant despite being licensed and registered. 

Dr Haron Mwangi, a media consultant advised participants to leverage technology and start to think of various means in diversifying online content, introduce the e-payment for the consumed content and online content production as the long term solution as a means to sustain their media businesses.

Print and online media journalists appealed for financial support and welcomed the idea to establish a taskforce that will look into the challenges affecting online media in order to come up with solutions and speak in one voice.

Currently, there are more than 80 print and online media organs licensed by RURA while RMC counts 104 new registered media outlets.