A promise delivered: Scaling up access to water & sanitation services


Walking nearly 3 kilometers to access clean water was not an easy chore for Uwamahoro Claudine a business woman, resident of Nyamata, Bugesera district.  

She says, 10 years ago, access to clean water was not an assured occurrence in Nyamata and residents struggled to cope up with the situation when it came to sanitation

The story has since changed for the better. ”Thanks to the good leadership of President Paul Kagame, we no longer have to walk long distances to access clean water. We  can say  the living conditions have greatly improved,” Uwamahoro narrates.

Despite the challenges, she says, government has invested resources and efforts to ensure every citizen gets access to clean water and excellent Sanitary services across the country.

Uwamahoro’s story is not unique and resonates well with other similar testimonies across the country.

 It also  invokes the fact that access to affordable water and sanitation services is a basic right of all Rwandans.   It is also important to recognize the economic value of water and good sanitary servicers as ingredients in achieving economic development.

Experts strongly believe that managing and regulating water as an economic good is an important way of achieving efficient and equitable applications, and of encouraging conservation and protection of water resources.

This has been the driving factor of RURA in the past 7 years.

You can find here the full article for the achievements in Water and Sanitation sector in the past 7 years.