Regulating the Transport Sector for efficient traffic management


In the regulation of the transport sector, due attention is given to the transportation of goods and persons in the two modes namely; road, waterways. Achievements in the transport sector at RURA have reached 70% of what had been targeted for the year 2017 according to Eng. Katabarwa Asaba Emanuel, the head of transport department in RURA.

In an interview about the development in the transport sector in Rwanda, Katabarwa says RURA has put a lot of effort in uplifting services in the area of transporting people and cargo and a lot has so far been achieved through the establishment of cooperatives in the transport sector.

Improving customer services

Transformation in transport has come a long way from when people would wake up and buy a car to transport goods or people at his or her convenience in a very disorderly manner that was messing up the transport system in the country.

Today there are companies and cooperatives that are responsible for ferrying people and goods. Regular discussions are held with the heads of cooperatives and members to devise means, rules and regulations that have to be followed in order to provide well streamlined transport services in the sector.

Before the transport sector, passengers had trouble in filing complaints about the poor service because there was no one to turn to for help and no one to pin for the poor service.

Today, complaints against poor service can be handled through companies and cooperatives making it easy for RURA to track poor service providers and penalize them or make them accountable.

RURA’s target in the last seven years was to have in place companies and transport cooperatives with better quality of buses and working in an organized manner in the city and across the country.

“All these have been achieved today; buses are a better, bigger and of good quality, cooperatives in the transport business are organized and providing quality services to passengers in the city and across the country,” enthuses Katabarwa.

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