Water and Sanitation Sector

The importance of adequate water supply and sanitation services as drivers for social and economic development and poverty reduction is fully acknowledged in different Rwanda’s flagship policy documents. For this cause, the Government of Rwanda committed itself to reach very ambitious targets of attaining 100% service coverage in water supply and sanitation sector by 2020.

RURA mandate in water sub-sector is to regulate the provision of water services in a way that promotes fair competition, sustainable and efficient use of water resources and to ensure that water service providers offer a good quality of service in regards to drinking water.

RURA mandate in the sanitation sub-sector is to promote sanitation through regulation of sanitation services. The responsibility of the sanitation regulation is to establish regulatory tools necessary for the sound regulation of sanitation services in Rwanda, licensing sanitation service provision, monitor compliance by licensees with license terms and conditions through audits and inspections conducted to sanitation service providers and analyze reports from sanitation service providers.

Sanitation sub-sector also recorded developments in terms of number of licensed operators to 22 in solid waste collection and transportation and 208 in cleaning service provision.