Transport Sector

The law No. 09/13 of 01/03/2013 gives RURA the mandate to regulate transportation services of goods and persons both on road and inland waterways;

RURA’s Responsibility in transport sector is to set up regulations and guidelines and ensures the compliance by operators leading to enabling environment and sector development. These regulations and guidelines coupled with ICT applications have transformed tremendously the service delivery in the transport sector.

The period under review experienced remarkable accomplishments, these include increase of 18% in licensed driving schools operators’ fleet and the number of rental vehicles increased by 23% from 483 to 596 compared to the previous financial year. Also licensed Transportation of persons Cross- border vehicles were 109%. Motorcycle cooperatives fleet were increased to 8.3% as a result of awareness campaigns and enforcement.

ICT application in the transport sector led to: 

  • Electronic Ticketing Systems for inter–city buses, Mobile phone-based Booking Systems, Automated Fare Collection System use in the City of Kigali buses, 
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet in Kigali City Buses and Internet services in Taxi parks are some of the IT based initiatives that has modernized public transport
  • Driver Vocational Cards (DVCs) were used to monitor behaviors of public transport drivers.

 Legal and Regulatory Framework

The transport Sector is regulated in line with the following:

  • Public Transport Policy and Strategy for Rwanda 2012;
  • Presidential Order N° 25/01 of 25/02/2015 Modifying and Complementing Presidential Decree N° 85/01 of 02/09/2002 Regulating General Traffic Police and Road Traffic as Modified and Complemented to Date;
  • Code of Conduct for Boat Drivers of Public Passenger and Cargo Boats in the Republic of Rwanda;
  • Passengers Road Transport Regulations N°007/TRANS/RT/RURA/2015 of 01/06/2015;
  • Code of Conduct of Public Road Transport Drivers in Rwanda;
  • Board Decision No 13/TR-RURA/2009 of 4 September 2009 Regarding the Functioning of Driving Schools in Rwanda.

In a bid to implement the law No. 09/13 of 01/03/2013 giving RURA the mandate to
regulate transport services, secondary legislations are under development and the following
regulations were adopted:

  • Regulations governing motorcycles transport services in Rwanda.